diy binder covers

hey guys ,

in today post summer here and you have your school stuff and you  don’t want to waste all that stuff like binders and note books so I decide you can reuse your binder and create SUPER CUTE covers for the binder so lets get started so your going to need a couple of things


  • GLUE


so things your going to need to make your binder covers and by the way you can make things covers with a any type of binder big or small so lets continued so you going to take a color paper and cut the corners of it


so here you see me cut the corners of it

next pick three pictures from your magazine that you are ok using and cut them out from your magazine

20150627_175105   20150627_175159  20150627_175132

next take the three picture and take glue and glue it to the paper after that just slip it in your binder and  there your binder cover you can

20150629_113752   20150629_114147

these are photos of the photos in the binder cover pocket its looks so cute also one of the photo that’s not in binder cover pocket so I hope you like this DIY

xoxoxo Samantha Q


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