my Favs EOS

hey guys I don’t know if I told you but I love EOS im totally obsessed with them is that they come in different color which is aka super cute and they all small perfect If I do say my self and also they are super soft on my lips so today im going to be showing  you each of my FAVS EOS and explain why each one is my favorite and why there are great and why you should buy some for you and friends and family and when where you can take these EOS so lets get started 

the First EOS the one that on the top of my list is SUMMMER FRUIT


this EOS is super soft and smell delicious and easy to take any where in the summer I love this EOS its super soft  on my lips and its not even heavy so I can in my bag going to the park beach and any where I go in the summer AND THIS EOS is really great for dry lipstick for girls and boys

my next favorite is lemon drop I love how this EOS feels on my lips its so   sweet and cute and what I love but this color is the color of its yellow my second favorite color and and I love and the lemon smell its great .


The last favorite EOS I love is vanilla mint its a great Eos what I love about this EOS is the pattern and color of it I just think its great and what else I like about this EOS is the smell of it reminder of winter and Christmas and the snow and who does like Christmas and snow so these are my favorite eos and if you want to buy them you can order them on online and they deliver to your house and they are not so much money to buy them so here the website to order






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