My Blogging Routine

hey guys today post is My Blogging Routine I been working on this post and I so happy you guys are going to see what happens before I press publish so there are a lot of things I have to do before I press the button publish like Brainstorming /Ideation , Drafting ,Photos,Finishing Touches and I’m going to tell you all about it

header inmage blogger post

Brainstorming /Ideation

let me tell you brainstorming ideas out of no where is hard I always look at other blogs to ideas of what post’s I can do or just create my own post’s that now blogger I haste’s done before I always keep a blogger note book( a notebook that I decorate which is super cute its goals! ) when ideas just pop in my head I write them do in my notebook binder phone or computer.

i think the main idea behind each post is super  really important because my note book has post ideas post dates and space where I can draw for DIY’s post and other space for other cool stuff.

Drafting post

I like making drafts of my post before I publish so every perfect I actually make a blogger post checklist and I check off the things that have in my post also I make list of things I need to get or take pic’s of . I feel better when I write checklist and write down drafts of the post in my notebook and more ideas come to me.

also I find it better if you’re having a bad day just start writing your post and maybe ideas will pop into you’re head.


I pretty much take my photo on the floor because where I lived there no good place to take photos so I put a white blanket on floor or white large paper on the floor I edit my photo on pic monkey its a very good website to edit stuff or create you guys should check it . and also I take my picture on a phone Samsung galaxy 6 its has great lighting .

Finishing Touches

This I was I type up my post and copy it from my draft and inserted all my edit photo and check if there spelling error . Then I press publish . then I share the new post on social media . And that’s it My blogger routine.

love Samantha Quezada


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