DIY Supermarket golden list

Hey guys today post is an easy supermart gold list DIY  to give your list some glam and beauty so let get started


  1. 1 long piece of lose leaf paper or blank paper
  2. one ruler
  3. one golden market list
  4. scissors


step 1

take your loose leaf paper and put it side ways

next take your ruler and put it on the red or pink of the loose leaf paper then take your gold marker and straight color there line like thisjik

after that cut that part just follow the gold line.


put your paper straight like this


under line the big space on top with the marker the cut the space without cut gold pieces off

then  cut a medium size of paper so it can look a like a supermarket list.

then color the sides of the paper with the gold marker


Then write super market list with gold marker and put bullet point for each item and that it


love samanthaquezada

P.s here the title of my next post a little hint keeping up with samgotstyle bye



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