Keeping up with samgotstyle

what is this ? what are you doing Samantha?

hey guys you may be wondering what is this post so because I never done one before im doing one now just 5 months ago and its got so much better. AND its October Halloween YAY BOO!!! here are the links to first post’s


DIY binder covers-

also in this post I’m going to be telling you the story about how I made this blog lets get started I was in 6th grade last year and I was in social studies class and the year was ending just a couple more weeks so my social teacher MR maxim he said we could do anything and you have to create something and get good at it so an idea pop into my head why don’t make an website/ blog so I did I started to do post  and I started to love making post a blogging and I wanted to make my blog better and started to work on it

I wanted to make so good so I ask my social studies teacher because he know and  used word press before he gave me tips and that really helped me just wanted to say thanks  MR maxim love  you and I got really good at it some people stop working on there blog  but I didn’t I kept working on it in the summer and that it this is how I got here. here are the links to some post im really proud of


beauty products-

three things to do in the summer-

high heels which one do you like-

love Samantha quezada


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