hey guys sorry I haven’t  made a post in a while I just been very busy but today I’m going to tell you just 5 facts about my self so you know me better so lets get started

  • first fact about me im very lazy I love staying on the couch watching TV or Netflix and chill time that’s life you guys watching once upon time OH MY GOSH THATS MY SHOW is it your to tell me about in the comments below so I love just relaxing so that’s sometime the reason make post just chilling .
  • next  fact is my favorite thing to do is read I love reading books drama comedy romance anything at all my favorite book is THE GIVER OH my gosh you guys did you watch the movie tell about it in the comments its so great the ending is perfect so im a book troll if that’s what you call it I just love reading books .
  • third fact about me is I love dancing I’m a dancer I go to dance class ballet modern dance dancing is a form I can express my self its just so fun and relaxing and dancing is my life so I’m a dancer
  • next fact I hate most sports the only sport I don’t hat and do is soccer I love soccer I was actually a soccer player so its really fun I’m very good but sometimes I’m bad but its okay I get up and try again
  • and last fact I have a big family 7-8 people in my family and my grand mom and grandpa have even more kids and I have a lot of cousins also im Hispanic yay Hispanic girl I speak Spanish and I fight for my rights and what I believe in
so I hope you like this post and please follow my blog we are trying to get to 75 followers thank for all the support and I love you guys bye !
   – Samantha Quezada

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