My 3 Favorite blogs of the month

 Hey guys what’s up so today post is my favorite blogs of this month  follow these blogs guys and  lets get started .

  1. the magical canopy ,its a great blog its has DIYs post fashion any thing you can think of its a really cool and fun to read blog  I LOVE THIS BLOG ITS AMAZING GUYS FOLLOW THIS BLOG ! I been all this month loving her post and  reading them the magical canopy here check out.
  2. Mylifeaseva she a great blogger and vlogger she has a YouTube channel that has over 5 million followers so she great she had great fashion sense and beauty advice so really check her out mylifeaseva
  3. islandgirlswander she a great blogger who talks about island and travels and write about where she travels its really great check it out

well that’s it hoped you like it

xoxo Samantha

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