Nail polish Haul

hey guys today post  is a haul YAAAAA so this is my first haul so I am happy so i really want to get post so  let’s get started


first nail polish is ……..


light blue color

so this nail polish is light blue from Sephora I think I got a 3 weeks ago so I am not very sure so its light blue soft and cute color to go anywhere and you look amazing.


next nail polish is ……….


dark blue glitter color

so this nail polish is from H&M it’s from a X formula collection so its has lots of nail polish’s so it’s really good check it out so this nail polish it glitter and blue a mixed its cool fresh and really beautiful and I really like it.

third nail polish is ………..


light yellow

so I thought you guys were getting tired ” oh my gosh” so much blue nail polish so I thought lets just change the color so this is a light yellow color it’s from nail harder nail polish so I think its great color goes with if you put on light dress and or light clothes and it looks really pretty so I think it’s the bomb yes I just said the bomb

The last nail polish is ……..


dark blue

so this nail polish is dark blue its beautiful its a god dark color to go with dark colors of yours so I think its great ,it’s from nail harder mail polish so this is a nail polish I wear to school  almost every day yeah thanks for reading post i love you guys bye

love, cropped-cropped-cropped-hidfiogoryk1.png



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