How Music makes you feel

In this weeks post I decide to talk about something that all of my samfam can relate to so music is a wonderful sounds coming together to make song and most of you guys might be thinking Samantha why are you telling us the meaning of music well I just wanted to describe what my meaning of  word music means to me so music is so wonderful and i am so grateful  we have it in the world  today and that we know music and what it is also that   we get to hear it I don’t know what the world would be without music because now I going to really get to this weeks post music makes you really wonderful its makes you move dances sing anything possible it makes so happy and makes smile and have a better day it makes you day better if you are having a bad day last it makes cry from happiest. there are other parts to music there are songs that if hear the tempo of the  music your like wow also the background music they can be th sad and music can even make you cry and make you think about thing that have happened and will happen and that so great that even the tiniest sound can make you do that . and also types of music make feel electric make do things that you thought you couldn’t but when that  song comes on and sounds  get into your head and your like yess i am going to do this . And then are the types of song that make you angry and just want die and hurt people. So guys listen to all types of music it can change your life. I lOVE MUSIC ITS AMAZING.

love you guys I want you  guys to have a great day your amazing .comment if you like it this post follow samgotstyle seen you guys in me next post .

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