happy one year on WordPress

Omg I just can’t belive its been a year I started Samgotstyle and making posts time fly by I just wanting to thank all my SamFam Followers who were with me from the beginning when I started this blog/website so lets start from the beginning i was in six grade and its was actually for a project and i still remember my teacher said to create something anything and work on it and it was a project so I decide why don’t I make a blog so I decide to make a website I just loved writing post so when the project ended I kept on going working on my website so that’s the story how Samgotstye was created.

along the way, there were things that worked and things that didn’t… like themes those (okay, going to have to be blunt here) quickly became a pain in the butt but of course there were also things that I fell in love with! like wallpapers – never gonna outgrow those (at least not for a long time) – and sharing my  DIY projects.

see? blogging’s also an outlet and opportunity for self-discovery in a way because you have to be so brutally honest with yourself about the process when you’re cutting out things that you simply can’t keep up with.ALSO YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING . SO THATS WHY I LOVE BLOGGING.

.let’s keep it short i’ve got plenty of people to thank! and that mostly means you – heartfelt appreciation for anyone who bothers to read my blog who have helped me become a better person so thank you I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

so to more years on Samgotstyle by

se you guys in my next post Bye



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