UPDATED:2016 Blogging Routine

Hey guys so I was going around my website and saw my old blogging routine post because this year I changed a lot so I decide hey what heck lets update my blogging routine because back then I just doing my website so for fun and now I am passionate about blogging and I love it so I decide from now I going to do more post you guys like and work on my blog just wanted to say and that’s it so shall we start … its weird I don’t often say the word shall often I just thought of that emjoi so lets really get started


so when I trying to come up with ideas FOR NEW POST  I look at my old posts and I try to think of a unique post something that I could create but  that’s new BUT  What I also do is I try looking on pinterst and tumblr and I look up blog post ideas that  I could do but then when I doesn’t work because I really what samgotstyle to mean something important so I look at other website’s and see their posts and how I could  make a post of their but in  my way and different because i not a copier so i don’t want do anything they did  but before i get to working i get my blogger notebook   so i can write ideas just to note out to guys  that notebook just for blogging and when i open it i get ideas i guess its magic i write all my ideas for  my post and just everything so if you thinking to starting a blog i highly recommend to get a notebook to write everything for book it makes life easier also i love decorating my notebook it’s so much fun !


so when I write  my blog post I start drafting write it on another paper because the post i wrote on the paper is probably messing because when i writing i add more words cut words so it’s really a mess my paper so i write it on another paper because i just hate mess yeah its me i am the person that if i see mess and just have to fix so when writing my latest post i just have to fix the words the picture pretty much everything so yeah lets stick to the post  so i write on another paper because i want my blog post to be perfect so i make a checklist to see if i have everything have in my blog post so i write down all my drafts in notebook and i think when i reading blog post sometimes  ideas or things i want to change in blog post pop into my head so i just fix it in my notebook


so when I am trying to take photos I probably take my photos on weekend when I already did my HW and on my  free time so I do when there a lot of light day so in afternoon when it’s really sunny and I take the photos around there so i clean up space i put probably white paper and just put the things i am going to take a picture of on it and in a cute space and take the picture i take my pictures on my mom phone because i getting a phone soon in a couple of weeks so meanwhile i take with her phone then i sent to my email and edit them so i edit my photos with pic monkey you probably already knew that if you read my old blogging routine i use pic monkey i will leave the link down below if you want to check it out i make my thumbnails there and edit my photos so my photos come out bright but when i edit them i ad saturation and colors and make it more bright and put titles and words so yeah.


when I am all done I put all the edit photos and wrote my post i use my final draft that i made and read it over again copy it and write my blog post and put photos and read the whole post and also when i making a post i act like i never read this post read it and when i start to drift off next time in my next post and add a couple more things to make it interesting and then and publish and add all my social medias and that’s it



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BYE GUYS , cropped-cropped-cropped-hidfiogoryk1.png


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