Being a Student and a Blogger

hey guys I know this samgotstyle post is late is I was having a hard time coming up with ideas for the next post also I was taking a lots of test for the last week of school ps I just got out school so be prepared for summer posts.

so where was I was so I was struggle with making a post and I thought about all the struggles student blogger have and my struggle’s so I decide why not share my struggles and my tips to be non stressed because  its hard being a student and a blogger you have different times  different things you got to do and manage  all of that  is hard you can be  stressed  and I think important to share it with you  guys because there are bloggers that post every week and I felt bad because it not you guys fault I didn’t make post  so I decide to write  a post like this about the struggles and what you have to deal with and share it with you so  let’s get started.

so recently I while I was  writing about my blog post but my mind started to get stressed about home work and I have to study for test  I have  to do later and if  you are blogger you have a struggle of your time so I have projects, home work, studying, and a lots  of things I have done i was stressed .

and honesty I look up  to  blogger who post every week with 2 -3 blogger post and go to school and get good grades and I feel bad and I not saying this to implied I don’t like blogging actually i love it its my favorite thing to do just sometimes i forget that .

so to cut this post just this weeks I cut up with school and trying to end this good school year  and prepare for the next one and I totally forgot with my blogging life and plans for post it kinda faded out .

but I promise that there are going to be a lot more post and focus on you guys a little more  and you guys just sometimes my real life is little important than the online world and  I think all of us need to step away for the screen and focus on what really matters .

so thanks for staying so long reading this post and this blog is staying here so  I guess its  the end  to this post I love guys follow this blog and my social medias down below .

see you in my next post

xoxo cropped-cropped-cropped-hidfiogoryk1.png



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