Summer Victoria secret haul 

Hey guys omg it’s been so long since my last blog post I know you are probably mad at me why I hadn’t made a blog post in a while it’s because I went to DR I bought a couple of stuff from  Victoria secret so i decide to show you guys so lets get started….
Forbidden fantasy it’s so good I give this a 👍I just love it so much I just obsessed with it 😍so if smell like flowers and passion fruits  you know I love it so let get to the next item so the next item is ……….

A hand cream so this came with perfume that I will show you next this is exotic the name of cream so its so great it’s really good on go so if you need to smell good this cream will help you so it smell like a tropical island it’s smell strawberry and fruits in general and amazing. So let gets to the next perfume

last is exotic perfume its so good its like a flower smell kinda  and its small so you can take anywhere if you want to smell good .


so thanks for staying so long reading this post and this blog is staying here so I guess its the end to this post I love guys follow this blog and my social medias down below .

see you in my next post



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