Back to school outfits and first day of school outfit

hey guys I know I have not made a post in a long time so here are some cute fashion out fits that you can wear so here


Here is an outfit that you can wear for the first school its super cool and easy to wear

here are now some back to school so school clothes


Here a casual easy going school outfit

here another outfit

Here an girly outfit you wear for school

Here an girly outfit you wear for school

here another outfit this one is mostly kids out fits all together


here are lot of outfits for kids


here an college outfit theme outfit

and that it all back school outfits I hope you guys like this post and leave an comment below about  what you think love you guys.

love Samantha


sport day spirit week

hello guys in today post im going to be showing my sport clothes for sport day xoxoxoxoxoxo

here are my pants for sport day

T1xuRGXpBhXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_picnow here the shirt with this pants

img-thing i love the shirt it just say this is me deal with Haha

now here are shoes

nike-womens-running-shoes-5 love them now to finish jewelry

Victoria-Secret-Sport-Headband on fleck headbands

all together that what i would wear

swimsuit ideas

hello  everyone today im going to showing you some swimsuit ideas if you go to the pool beach or when ever these swim suit are from HM forever21 hope you like it

00131034-04this is forever 21

00131066-02 this is the secound swim suit from forever21

hmprod this is from hm its pretty

hmprod (1) here the last ideas for swim suit for the summer its from HM the second hm swimsuit

get change in a flash

hey guys today im going to be showing you and teaching you how to get changed in a flash lets get started

wake in the morning brush your teeth and take a shower in 5mintunes and 48 seconds next pick out some cute clothes in 3 minutes next get what ever you need for school in 4 minutes  then just walk take the train or bus to school

lets see how we did we got you changed in 11 mintunes and 48 seconds keep on doing this plan and you well never get late to school