How Music makes you feel

In this weeks post I decide to talk about something that all of my samfam can relate to so music is a wonderful sounds coming together to make song and most of you guys might be thinking Samantha why are you telling us the meaning of music well I just wanted to describe what my meaning of  word music means to me so music is so wonderful and i am so grateful  we have it in the world  today and that we know music and what it is also that   we get to hear it I don’t know what the world would be without music because now I going to really get to this weeks post music makes you really wonderful its makes you move dances sing anything possible it makes so happy and makes smile and have a better day it makes you day better if you are having a bad day last it makes cry from happiest. there are other parts to music there are songs that if hear the tempo of the  music your like wow also the background music they can be th sad and music can even make you cry and make you think about thing that have happened and will happen and that so great that even the tiniest sound can make you do that . and also types of music make feel electric make do things that you thought you couldn’t but when that  song comes on and sounds  get into your head and your like yess i am going to do this . And then are the types of song that make you angry and just want die and hurt people. So guys listen to all types of music it can change your life. I lOVE MUSIC ITS AMAZING.

love you guys I want you  guys to have a great day your amazing .comment if you like it this post follow samgotstyle seen you guys in me next post .

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Nail polish Haul

hey guys today post  is a haul YAAAAA so this is my first haul so I am happy so i really want to get post so  let’s get started


first nail polish is ……..


light blue color

so this nail polish is light blue from Sephora I think I got a 3 weeks ago so I am not very sure so its light blue soft and cute color to go anywhere and you look amazing.


next nail polish is ……….


dark blue glitter color

so this nail polish is from H&M it’s from a X formula collection so its has lots of nail polish’s so it’s really good check it out so this nail polish it glitter and blue a mixed its cool fresh and really beautiful and I really like it.

third nail polish is ………..


light yellow

so I thought you guys were getting tired ” oh my gosh” so much blue nail polish so I thought lets just change the color so this is a light yellow color it’s from nail harder nail polish so I think its great color goes with if you put on light dress and or light clothes and it looks really pretty so I think it’s the bomb yes I just said the bomb

The last nail polish is ……..


dark blue

so this nail polish is dark blue its beautiful its a god dark color to go with dark colors of yours so I think its great ,it’s from nail harder mail polish so this is a nail polish I wear to school  almost every day yeah thanks for reading post i love you guys bye

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3 things i hate this month

ffvg f.png

Happy april hey guys so back a couple of months I made a post 5 things to be happy about a month and many of you guys liked it so I decide to go do the opposite 3 things i hate this month I would leave the 5 things to be happy about this month at the bottom of the post the link so you guys can check it out so let get started

  1. state test or over Important test – Most test take special test or the STATE TEST i know you guys hate it the stress it cause because i know i get stress taking it with hard questions and now the world has changed the  state time so more time yay
  2. Shadowhunters I love the show and books leave comment if you love the book series but it ending the first season this Tues I am not happy I so sad leave a comment if you hate its ending this month.
  3. school ending i know some one of you guys are happy but i am not you going away for summer and miss your friends and you don’t see them in a while i am not happy about  leaving  my bests friends so i am not happy about so that it three things i am not happy about this month

here the link to 5 things to be happy about this month

i love you guys to death not for real i would not kill myself but i really love you guys follow my blog and like the post

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2016 Iphone wallpapers


Hey guys I MISSED YOU GUYS i am truly  sorry for not posting more often and to but here are the wallpapers so you can save them to your phone and then just put as your these wallpapers are very inspiring so I hope you read them every time you open your phone so I going to show you the wallpapers ,ohh one more thing I love you guys and there are more post coming you way also there this new thing that when I say bye and say by Samantha Quezada now its samgotstyle with a image with my signature so I hope you like it.that’s so let’s get started










that’s it and thanks for reading this post I love you guys byeeee

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My 2 favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe is such a great person she a great role model and her work is such inspiring  she inspire me every day I love her quote’s it makes me feel so good of person when am not  or don’t have confidence  that time so I love her and I hope her quote’s inspire you too and lets get started

This quote inspires me every day  it mean’s  if you can’t take me when I’m bad then you don’t deserve me when I’m good

next quote

this quote means that your imperfection is great love yourself and its better to be imperfect then crazy boring.



and that’s it hope you like these quote’s and if you want more post like this leave it

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love Samantha Quezada

My 3 Favorite blogs of the month

 Hey guys what’s up so today post is my favorite blogs of this month  follow these blogs guys and  lets get started .

  1. the magical canopy ,its a great blog its has DIYs post fashion any thing you can think of its a really cool and fun to read blog  I LOVE THIS BLOG ITS AMAZING GUYS FOLLOW THIS BLOG ! I been all this month loving her post and  reading them the magical canopy here check out.
  2. Mylifeaseva she a great blogger and vlogger she has a YouTube channel that has over 5 million followers so she great she had great fashion sense and beauty advice so really check her out mylifeaseva
  3. islandgirlswander she a great blogger who talks about island and travels and write about where she travels its really great check it out

well that’s it hoped you like it

xoxo Samantha

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Merry christmas quotes and greeting’s

hey guys sorry I haven’t post in a while its because a problem I had and now im fixing now lets get back to the post so I just wanted to say merry Christmas fans and just wanted to wish you guys a merry Christmas and a happy new year .also here are just some good Christmas quotes you can read that are good .








love Samantha Quezada