Hello people

today post is make up tips post becauseI miss you guys I really wanted to do a post so lets get started  so first I’m going to give you a good tip you can use always bring your makeup bag because you never know if you need to go some where I you want look good and you don’t have your makeup bag on the go so tip number 1 your makeup bag always with you another tip you don’t need to buy a eyeliner your mascara brush to be your eyeliner if you use it swiftly so you don’t need to buy a eyeliner there mascara brush/eyeliner remember always swiftly. Next tip another eyeliner tip if your apply eyeliner and you want to come out perfect try to you your eyeliner on the very first part of you eyelashes but on the very little first part .next tip when apply eye shadow try to follow the pattern or if not make up a nice and cool eye shadow pattern so it look cool so those are all the tip today Im going to make more tips I hope you follow these tips


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