UPDATED:2016 Blogging Routine

Hey guys so I was going around my website and saw my old blogging routine post because this year I changed a lot so I decide hey what heck lets update my blogging routine because back then I just doing my website so for fun and now I am passionate about blogging and I love it so I decide from now I going to do more post you guys like and work on my blog just wanted to say and that’s it so shall we start … its weird I don’t often say the word shall often I just thought of that emjoi so lets really get started


so when I trying to come up with ideas FOR NEW POST  I look at my old posts and I try to think of a unique post something that I could create but  that’s new BUT  What I also do is I try looking on pinterst and tumblr and I look up blog post ideas that  I could do but then when I doesn’t work because I really what samgotstyle to mean something important so I look at other website’s and see their posts and how I could  make a post of their but in  my way and different because i not a copier so i don’t want do anything they did  but before i get to working i get my blogger notebook   so i can write ideas just to note out to guys  that notebook just for blogging and when i open it i get ideas i guess its magic i write all my ideas for  my post and just everything so if you thinking to starting a blog i highly recommend to get a notebook to write everything for book it makes life easier also i love decorating my notebook it’s so much fun !


so when I write  my blog post I start drafting write it on another paper because the post i wrote on the paper is probably messing because when i writing i add more words cut words so it’s really a mess my paper so i write it on another paper because i just hate mess yeah its me i am the person that if i see mess and just have to fix so when writing my latest post i just have to fix the words the picture pretty much everything so yeah lets stick to the post  so i write on another paper because i want my blog post to be perfect so i make a checklist to see if i have everything have in my blog post so i write down all my drafts in notebook and i think when i reading blog post sometimes  ideas or things i want to change in blog post pop into my head so i just fix it in my notebook


so when I am trying to take photos I probably take my photos on weekend when I already did my HW and on my  free time so I do when there a lot of light day so in afternoon when it’s really sunny and I take the photos around there so i clean up space i put probably white paper and just put the things i am going to take a picture of on it and in a cute space and take the picture i take my pictures on my mom phone because i getting a phone soon in a couple of weeks so meanwhile i take with her phone then i sent to my email and edit them so i edit my photos with pic monkey you probably already knew that if you read my old blogging routine i use pic monkey i will leave the link down below if you want to check it out i make my thumbnails there and edit my photos so my photos come out bright but when i edit them i ad saturation and colors and make it more bright and put titles and words so yeah.


when I am all done I put all the edit photos and wrote my post i use my final draft that i made and read it over again copy it and write my blog post and put photos and read the whole post and also when i making a post i act like i never read this post read it and when i start to drift off next time in my next post and add a couple more things to make it interesting and then and publish and add all my social medias and that’s it



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Thank You GUYS

OMG its been a year I been on WordPress i just hit 22 followers on samgotstyle    what … that’s amazing you guys i learned so much from blogging and how to blog and you guys have been there from the beginning and i just wan to thank you guys for being there for me see my post also we are also there to get 1000 views so guys lets see if we can get there also i want to set a goal for follower so seen i got 22 lets to 42 22 more lets see if we can do so i just want to thank you guys for everything and

see you in my next post



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3 Beauty Hacks that we save your life

Whats up guys how you doing today I hope you are having A good day  so  you guys might be wondering ” Samantha what are you doing a beauty post” well guys I have not made a beauty post in while because ….. I just really lazy but for you guys i going to make a beauty post today is Beauty hacks so these hacks i found on pinterst and tumblr also check out my tumblr and pinterst they will be at the end post so check them out so where was i so these beauty hack work and life saving so let’s get started …..



The first hack how to wash you face the right way

step 1 wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser and pat dry with clean towel .step 2 apply toner and wait for it to dry . Toner is useful for those with extremely oily skin . step 3 apply any topical medications , such as acne treatment .  step 4 apply eye cream or serum and let dry this will help prevent collagen damage . step 5 apply moisturizer drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil. Step 6 apply sunscreen with spf of at least 30 to protect your skin from harmful  uv RAYS . step 7 apply makeup primer or foundation and proceed with your make up routine

2. how  to make a  great eyeliner with tape

so a beauty hack is when your trying to make a perfect eyeliner you put tape near the  eye where you are going to make the line and then when you make the line take the tape off and its perfect.


if you don’t have red lipstick you can use this and make it so first put the kool aid powder in the cup next put  a  little water on the powder take your finger and pat it on you lips and you can use a cutetip you dont need to use it but it just to put it all over your lips better but you can use your fingers and that’s it put it all over your lips .

i hope you likeit this post see you in my next post

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happy one year on WordPress

Omg I just can’t belive its been a year I started Samgotstyle and making posts time fly by I just wanting to thank all my SamFam Followers who were with me from the beginning when I started this blog/website so lets start from the beginning i was in six grade and its was actually for a project and i still remember my teacher said to create something anything and work on it and it was a project so I decide why don’t I make a blog so I decide to make a website I just loved writing post so when the project ended I kept on going working on my website so that’s the story how Samgotstye was created.

along the way, there were things that worked and things that didn’t… like themes those (okay, going to have to be blunt here) quickly became a pain in the butt but of course there were also things that I fell in love with! like wallpapers – never gonna outgrow those (at least not for a long time) – and sharing my  DIY projects.

see? blogging’s also an outlet and opportunity for self-discovery in a way because you have to be so brutally honest with yourself about the process when you’re cutting out things that you simply can’t keep up with.ALSO YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING . SO THATS WHY I LOVE BLOGGING.

.let’s keep it short i’ve got plenty of people to thank! and that mostly means you – heartfelt appreciation for anyone who bothers to read my blog who have helped me become a better person so thank you I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

so to more years on Samgotstyle by

se you guys in my next post Bye


How Music makes you feel

In this weeks post I decide to talk about something that all of my samfam can relate to so music is a wonderful sounds coming together to make song and most of you guys might be thinking Samantha why are you telling us the meaning of music well I just wanted to describe what my meaning of  word music means to me so music is so wonderful and i am so grateful  we have it in the world  today and that we know music and what it is also that   we get to hear it I don’t know what the world would be without music because now I going to really get to this weeks post music makes you really wonderful its makes you move dances sing anything possible it makes so happy and makes smile and have a better day it makes you day better if you are having a bad day last it makes cry from happiest. there are other parts to music there are songs that if hear the tempo of the  music your like wow also the background music they can be th sad and music can even make you cry and make you think about thing that have happened and will happen and that so great that even the tiniest sound can make you do that . and also types of music make feel electric make do things that you thought you couldn’t but when that  song comes on and sounds  get into your head and your like yess i am going to do this . And then are the types of song that make you angry and just want die and hurt people. So guys listen to all types of music it can change your life. I lOVE MUSIC ITS AMAZING.

love you guys I want you  guys to have a great day your amazing .comment if you like it this post follow samgotstyle seen you guys in me next post .

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Nail polish Haul

hey guys today post  is a haul YAAAAA so this is my first haul so I am happy so i really want to get post so  let’s get started


first nail polish is ……..


light blue color

so this nail polish is light blue from Sephora I think I got a 3 weeks ago so I am not very sure so its light blue soft and cute color to go anywhere and you look amazing.


next nail polish is ……….


dark blue glitter color

so this nail polish is from H&M it’s from a X formula collection so its has lots of nail polish’s so it’s really good check it out so this nail polish it glitter and blue a mixed its cool fresh and really beautiful and I really like it.

third nail polish is ………..


light yellow

so I thought you guys were getting tired ” oh my gosh” so much blue nail polish so I thought lets just change the color so this is a light yellow color it’s from nail harder nail polish so I think its great color goes with if you put on light dress and or light clothes and it looks really pretty so I think it’s the bomb yes I just said the bomb

The last nail polish is ……..


dark blue

so this nail polish is dark blue its beautiful its a god dark color to go with dark colors of yours so I think its great ,it’s from nail harder mail polish so this is a nail polish I wear to school  almost every day yeah thanks for reading post i love you guys bye

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Diy bookmark

hey guys I missed you guys I had not made a post in a while but I am making one today so let’s get started I decide to make a book mark because I need one so decide ” hey why not make a post about it so I did ” so lets just get started


  • scissor
  • glue
  • colored paper or white doesn’t really matter
  • crayon (optional)
  • ruler


First what you going to do is take any piece of colored paper then with your ruler in inches measure 8 inches to 9 inches a piece.


next with that piece measure starting the cutting that piece with its same measurement .


after words when you have your piece of paper


then take another different colored piece of paper and started decorating your book mark what did is I took the piece of paper starting cutting up circle and with my circle small and big i glue them to my book mark .





I think after all of this my book mark came out cool with different sizes of circle its amazing and its shows me,  I just  love it also so i hoped this diy like this post and follow samgotstyle if you want more diys leave it int he comments below bye i love you guys

here the link to my other diys

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