Studying tips/Tricks for Finals and Test’s

Hey guys I know this isn’t my regular post I decide to school ended summer coming and lots of people in schools are taking finals end of the year test and it can be stressful because its you last grade you get  I decided to make a post about studying tips / tricks to help you score a good grade and not be stressed so how about we get started ……..


  1. get a good spot

when I am studying a like to get a good spot to stud where its quiet and comfortable because it helps you concentrate  more and your brain can focus more on what you  are studying so get a good spot studying.


2. Make your own Notes

so most people make notes a certain way to remember things well I am not that way I make my own notes a different i use pictures symbols so i can understand and go over it and i understand because i know what i am reading so you can do your way make your own notes so you remember what you’re studying .

3. high-lying it

Image result for highlighting a textbook

high-lying things in your notes that correspond with study guide or outline your text-book color coordinate your highting that means make a pattern what its most important detail least important so you can understand it also so you can remember it

4. Take a break

lot of people think that they can get all their information from studying but no you need to let your brain take a break you can’t get all that information so go take a snack  watch some tv and then get back to studying

5. listen to music

 so most people listen to music while studying and it helps them work well for me it doesn’t I get distracted and focus on the music what I do I put instrument music so it does  not have lyrics and it helps you focus because you don’t focus on the music and smoothing because you rock out to music while studying ya a

and that’s it hope you guys like this post

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